(Please include all known information on injury and at least two clear, current pictures of the
injury. Send pictures to

Consultations charged on a case by case basis and generally run $35 for five communications.
(Phone consultations are a little more)

The goal of Step Ahead Farm Consultations is to encourage both owners and their veterinarians to
believe that horses with catastrophic wounds can be healed and returned to a cosmetically
pleasing competitive condition using our techniques. Our techniques employed in wound healing
are part of a concept still under study and they continue to change as new discoveries are made.

The guidelines we use are simple:
Wound healing is based on blood supply, not antibiotic therapy.
Bandaging plays a critical part in enhancing tissue growth and reducing granulation tissue
overgrowth (proud flesh).
Exercise during the healing and recovery period is a critical part of returning the horse to
performance level.

Consultations on how to handle different wounds can be done effectively provided you have
perused the site and chosen a wound that is the closest match to your horse's wound. Special
details involving whether the wound has invaded tendon sheaths, joint capsules or whether the
blood supply has been disrupted are critical.

Nerve laceration is very important in case there is a live nerve exposed at the wound site. Special
treatments are necessary to implement the therapy required if there is an exposed nerve.

What to do before you take your horse to your veterinarian can have an important part in the
results your veterinarian will be able to achieve. 80 to 90% all the products on the market to treat
wounds are designed to destroy tissue. Using the wrong medicine at the wrong time can not only
destroy the damaged tissue, but prevent the development of new tissue. You can learn more about
what to do immediately following an injury on our
First Response page.

For follow up help, we have DVDs available on cases treated at Step Ahead Farm that give you
information on day to day treatments and general expected healing time frames which may be of
benefit to you in the treatment of your horse's wound. Good clear pictures of different angles of
your horse's wound that can be sent by e-mail are needed to be able to give a proper consultation.

Please include clear, close up pictures of the injury from every angle, age of injury, any treatments
done to date, contact name and mailing address (name, e-mail and mailing address will remain
confidential) Good clear pictures of different angles of your horse's wound that can be sent by
e-mail are needed to be able to give a proper consultation.

For an e-mail consultation, e-mail Dr. Jolly at
For a phone consultation, please e-mail to set up a time, and call Dr. Jolly at (501) 525-1667.

We have a pay pal account set up for credit or debit cards,, or you can
use the paypal button found below and on both our products and dvd pages.
check or money order payment can be sent to
Dr. David G. Jolly, DVM
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